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Новости. 17.05.2018

Рады сообщить, что видеофильм The Effect of Transscleral Diode Cyclophotocoagulation using MicroPulse versus Continuous Wave on Ciliary Body observed in Miyaki Apple View занял 1-е место среди видеофильмов, представленных на конкурс в рамках AGS-2018 (American Glaucoma Society; New York City) 


1.       This video was not provided, sponsored or initiated by Iridex. A team of physicians from University of Utah (John Moran Eye Center), USA submitted it for the contest (See detailed info below).

2.       The video underlines and signifies the differences between MicroPulse Mode and Continuous Wave Mode in two main ways:

a.       The video and the audio (voice over) states that MicroPulse “…is more gentle on the ciliary processes and without gross shrinkage”

b.      The video shows how much different and how significantly stronger CW Laser impact on live tissues is (small bursts and tissue “popping”), as compared to MicroPulse Mode.