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Новости. 27.03.2018

AngioVue Webinar with Dr. Paul Tornambe Now On Demand

Optovue recently hosted an AngioVue webinar with Dr. Paul Tornambe, a well-respected US Retina Specialist who is passionate about OCTA, and was invited by Professor Lumbroso to present his findings at the Dec 2017 Rome OCTA Congress. The recorded webinar is now available for on-demand viewing.

Dr. Tornambe presented a number of cases where OCTA provided information that helped inform treatment decisions, and he made it very clear that structural OCT alone can be misleading in the management of CNV.

Take Home Messages: OCTA in AMD

  • OCTA should be done at the day of the injection for a baseline capture of the CNVM complex.
  • OCTA should be repeated in 4-7 days to determine the effect of the VEGF-I on the CNVM and which parts are responsive to the drug.
  • OCTA and OCT B-scan should be repeated at 4 weeks to determine if the CNVM is perfused/enlarging and if fluid is developing.
  • Once VEGF-I are stopped, OCTA should be performed every 4-6 weeks to search for new activity in other areas of the mature membrane.
  • When should OCTA be performed on eyes with nAMD and no symptoms? Every visit!  Why not?
  • If a CNVM is detected in an asymptomatic eye, closer follow up and more rigorous patient testing at home would be advised.
  • This finding would mandate an FA to determine if the CNVM is in fact leaking, but the well functioning RPE pump removes the fluid as it is produced. In such cases CNVM treatment may be indicated.

Watch Dr. Tornambe's webinar today.